Friday, August 23, 2013

A pleasant surprise

I cast off the body of my Lettuce on the plane home from New Zealand. It’s top down and I tried it on for length, but I was really worried it was just a smidge too short. Then I knit the first sleeve. I was confident that it was the right length, because I tried it on and it was fine. On Sunday we went to the pub and drank beer and I finished the second sleeve and knit the collar. After five hours at the pub. I went home and cast off the collar. I tried it on and it was just wrong. The sleeves were three quarter length, which I can live with but don’t love and the body was a tiny bit shorter than before. I guess knitting the collar had pulled everything up a bit. I said to Leon that I would have to pull out the bottom and knit it down, but he suggested I block it first and see how it comes out.

So I did. And it is PERFECT. The length is absolutely spot on. I love the v neck, which is not what the pattern called for, and I knit the ribbing until I decided to cast off, which was not exactly scientific. If I had got the length right preblocking, it would have ended up ridiculously long. I guess I got lucky this time.

I cast this off and Sunday and have already worn it twice. The Stranded in Oz Yarn came out so wonderfully, both in colour and in texture. I’m really glad I revisited this pattern. After all the drama I went through with it last time, this time the knitting was fun, easy and satisfying and the results make me so happy I’m a knitter.

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  1. it's amazing plane knitting! I'm glad this one worked out - you can see why i've knitted two of them! (and will quite happily do another in a few years time)