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Win some, loose some

I finished the Romi Hill cowl and I love it. The yarn is squishy and has good stitch definition, the pattern was interesting but still simple and the finished cowl is very wearable, either wrapped twice around my neck for warmth, or just hanging down in a single loop like yarn jewellery.

Some of the people on the Romi Hill Ravelry board have been taking pictures of their cowls on their animals. I tried to make the cats wear it, but this was the best I could get. Tarragon didn't really enjoy it, even though I explained that it was all in the name of art.

I had loads of the felted merino left over, so I decided to make a Norrie hat. I've had my eyes on this pattern for a very long time. It echoes the cowls pattern, in that it is stocking stitch with garter ridges and I thought it would look good in this yarn. Now, bear in mind it's meant to be a slouchy hat.
Unfortunately it's a bit reminiscent of Jabba the hat.  I feel like I could store a ball of yarn in the back, all the easier for public knitting.
Right, now I'm going to wrap the cowl around my neck with a smile, stash the hat in the back of the cupboard and get on with swatching a vest for Leon.

Photo credit for these pictures, goes to the talented Skip, who photoblogs here.


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