Friday, August 16, 2013

Sit up straight

Not much to show on the knitting front. I'm on the second sleeve of my Lettuce jumper now, which is fine, but it feels really slow to take a week to do a sleeve, when it took a week to do the body of it. I guess having to go to work is slowing me down, although I do have one country trip planned for next week, so I'll get some knitting done then. Anyway, one of the good things about coming back from holiday is using the yarnie again. I really love that little tool.

I came back from New Zealand with sore arms. To be honest, I've had sore arms for a month or so. It's not caused by knitting as such, it seems to be caused by years of bad shoulder position, and then triggered by doing weights at Crossfit. I'm seeing an osteo, and one of the things I like about him is he doesn't tell me not to do things. Also, he doesn't think the knitting caused the problem - as such. So he hasn't told me not to knit. He hasn't even suggested I knit less, but he has stressed that I have to maintain really good should position when I knit. So, if you see me knitting when I'm out and about I'll be the one with my shoulders back, chest open and head held high!

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