Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's be all white...

I cast on the Romi Hill Cowl on Sunday. I'm very excited about knitting a cowl, and about playing along with Seven Small Shawls. I'm super excited about the pattern, which uses a stitch I have not used before. I'm pretty excited about the yarn, which is a felted merino singles. In WHITE. I have only knitted in white once before - a baby jumper that was white by request. I have a certain lifestyle, that makes my dentist shudder. I drink coffee, tea and red wine. I eat chocolate, often while I am knitting. I have a large amount of fear for this cowl, both during the knitting process and while wearing it after it's finished.

Still, I'm very much enjoying the process of knitting it, and hopefully I will get a reasonable amount of wear out of it, before the likely collision of scarf with something that isn't white.

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