Monday, February 17, 2014

Finished a sparkly, sparkly arrow

I knit Clue A on my two colour Follow You Arrow, and I was done! Here it is, my BABAA shawl:
I have mixed feelings about this shawl and the whole mystery knit-a-long process. Knitting along with everyone was extremely fun, but I don't love the finished item. And the reasons are not Ysolda's fault. Mainly, I don't like the colours. No one to blame but myself on that one. I love both the colours separately, but in such wide stripes they are a bit too much. Perhaps I would have liked them together on thin stripes, but because this was a mystery knitalong there was no way to tell how they were going to look. I also find shawls shaped like this quite difficult to wear. But as an object I think it's quite nice. Although she doesn't wear shawls that much, I'm giving it to my mother. She loves bold colours and quite liked the idea when I suggested it.
 The model in the pictures is not my mother, One of my colleagues was kind enough to model for me.

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