Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ready for the next stage

This weekend I finished the sixth and final bobbin of yarn for Leon's winter set. Now I have the 600 grammes of singles complete and I just need to make time to ply them. I might take a Friday off in two weeks, so I can get it all done in a couple of days. Hopefully that will improve the consistency of the final product.

I also finished the second clue 4 from Follow Your Arrow, this time knitting a clue B onto my single coloured shawl, making it ABAB. Although this was meant to be the simpler clue, I actual found the reverse side rows needed a bit of attention, and was a bit fiddly, but beer might have contributed to that thought. I quite like the way the last two clues came together, like little hearts and arrows.

So there it is, two projects not yet finished, but taken to the next stages,waiting for completion.

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