Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yarn-along - Endless arrow edtion

As I like to on a Wednesday I'm knitting and reading along with Ginny from Small Things. Pop over to her blog to see what she's up to this week.

This is my week in:

Knitting: I'm finishing my second Follow Your Arrow and doing Clue B which is the knitted on border. I have not done this kind of border before, so it's interesting to do something different. I am surprised how long its taking me. Before this each clue has taken between one and three days, this one I'm not half way through and it's day four. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the process and that, if I wasn't knitting this, I would just be knitting something else and that there is no hurry, but I do keep having to remind myself of these things.

Reading: I'm still reading, and enjoying Wool. Normally when I'm enjoying a book I can't put it down, but this one I'm reading one fairly short chapter at a time.

Listening:  I started the fourth Discworld novel, Mort. This is the last Discworld novel that I remember clearly from reading it on paper, and I'm enjoying revisiting it very much.


  1. your arrow is beautiful....and it's your second you say??? I am just finishing up my 1st one still on clue #4......but getting there!

    1. This is my first, I finished my second yesterday and will blog it as soon as it dries from blocking. How much fun was this KAL?!