Monday, February 3, 2014

Must knit all the socks

So I snuck in another pair of socks for Leon, in between all the Following of Arrows. The pattern is Katniss by Rose Hiver, and is a very handsome cable sock. I really enjoyed knitting these, enough patterning to be interesting, but I could still knit it while drink, drink drinking. I took these with me to an Australia Day Barbecue, Geelong Beer Festival and a few trips to various pubs, and they came out none the worse.

The yarn is Mosley ParkChandada, a merino / cashmere/ nylon blend. I bought it at last years Bendigo, because it's a colour that is both interesting and manly. I enjoyed knitting with it, and it feels like it should wear well, although there was some dye transfer during knitting. I threw it in some hot water and vinegar when I was finished and there was no bleeding there, so hopefully it will hold its colour.
I modified these socks by knitting them over 62 stitches, rather than the 70 called for in the pattern, as Leon has lean ankles, a and likes his socks quite tight.
As usual, the pictures are not great, in this case it was super, super hot, and Leon wanted to get those socks on and off as quickly as possible!
Right, now I'm off to cast on something that is not four ply, for the first time this year.

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