Sunday, June 22, 2014

Double Knitalong

As I've posted about previously, I'm obsessed with Little Dipper Yarns. This month the Richmond knitters are hosting a Little Dipper Yanrs Knitalong. Obviously I had to play along! Since most of the LDY I have are boy coloured sock yarn, I decided to make the next pair of Leon Sock Project socks. While I have lots of pairs queued, none of them really fit my mood. At the same time Nicola told me that we were no longer neighbors on Ravelry.  So I picked out a stunning shade of dark green from my stash 

and went through Nicolas knitted socks on Ravelry. I found Charade, which matched my mood perfectly,  since it's a top down sock with a two row repeat, which i had memorised after about four stitches. It's been a while since I knit socks that didn't have complicated charts and all that, so it's quite fun. 

So I'm doing a double knitalong, one with the Richmond Knitters and one with Nicola, although she finished  in 2010 and n ow, really I'm just stalking her!

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