Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Going up, coming down

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As promised, I knit the second Pentre Ifan sock from the top down, which I enjoyed much more, although rather to my surprise it took me the same length of time to knit as the first sock. I managed to get them pretty much the same length and and looking pretty similar, although I can clearly see in the picture which sock uses which structure. Somehow, even the cables look neater in the top down sock.

 I do think the top down sock heel, with the "normal" heel flap and gusset, fits Leon better than the Sherman heel. Despite my personal dislike of the toe up sock structure, Brenda Dayne has designed a very clever pattern - the way the pattern flow into the ribbing (or, in the case of the second sock, the way the ribbing flows into the pattern) the way the heel patterning integrates into the leg pattern is very clever and makes for an attractive, special sock. The yarn  is Naturally Wakiki, which is an alpaca, merino, nylon, possum blend which I bought on my New Zealand holiday, so it's pretty special, both because it's lovely, and because it's souvenir yarn. In the end this was a glorious project, and I'm really happy I with it.

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