Friday, June 6, 2014

Preemptive swatching

I usually swatch for garment projects, although often I will just cast on a sleeve and measure my gauge as I go. For the Parcel,  jumper which I am going to knit (as a vest) after I finish the current socks, I decided I need a proper swatch. Of a decent size. Washed and blocked. Ysolda would be proud of me. I rarely bother to block my swatches, but I am knitting in the alpaca I accidently bought too little of to make Cria, at last years Bendigo sheep show, and this makes me kind of nervous. Also, my size is exactly between two sizes and I want to knit the size down, because I'm not sure I have enough yarn. And I don't know what the pattern calls for, because I'm turning a jumper into a vest. So in between socks I swatched and I've now blocked the swatch. There are many unknowns about this project, but at least I know my gauge. Or at least my gauge for the tension square, because, as we all know, gauge swatches lie. Still, I'm very happy with the way the fabric looks, and really looking forward to knitting this vest. But first, a sock to finish off for Leon.

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