Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A little blue

I've been having intermittent pain in my shoulders and hands for a while. It got really out of control two Thursdays ago. I couldn't hold a pen, I couldn't cut my own meat - but I could knit, so that was okay. This morning I went to see a hand therapist, who diagnosed nerve issues. 

She's put me in a  rather dramatic brace for the next three weeks, which is going to be interesting. Since the purpose of the brace is to immobilise the wrist, if I can comfortably hold my needles I can knit, which is something of a relief. Even better, the therapist does not think knitting caused the issue, and seems to think that knitting is, if anything, beneficial for the hands, and who am i to disagree with someone who looks after people's hands for a living?

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