Saturday, May 30, 2015

A delayed gift giving

I actually finished Elise's winter scarf the better part of a month ago, but it never seemed to be the right time to give it to her. Either I was seeing her when we were out (in which case I was worried she wouldn't be comfortable with me taking photos) or we were hanging out in our trackies and ugg boots at home (in which case she wouldn't want me to take photos). So tonight, the last day of autumn, I decided to just do it. While we were out to dinner with 6 other people.Because that's a way to make someone feel comfortable with photos.

I'm quite happy with how it came out, particularly with the length I added. I knit it to (I'm guessing) two meters and did 15 repeats, rather than the 10 called for in the chart. I think it really benefits from the extra length.

I did actually take a boring, on the floor photo, to show how it looks, before I gifted it, although I think I prefer the paparazzi shots I took! 

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