Friday, May 1, 2015

How many repeats?

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I am knitting Elise her annual scarf. I'm making one of the Romi Hill small shawls for the most recent pattern subscription. When I looked at the pattern, I thought it looked a bit short. Still, the pattern said it was easily lengthened, so off I went. I'm knitting it in bottom of the pile Woolmeise, I think I bought it before I started blogging in 2010. Anyway, this means I have 150 grams of yarn to play with, while the pattern was written for a 100gram skein of sock yarn. It calls for ten repeats of the middle part of the pattern. I've done 15, and I'm still not sure it's going to be long enough.

 I've got 50 grams of yarn left, so I can certainly keep knitting the main pattern for a few more repeats, but now I'm worried it will grow on blocking and end up ginormous. Or it won't grow, and end up tiny. And I made the rookie error of not weighing the yarn before starting the first end, so if I keep knitting for too long, I'll run out of yarn. But I think each end only takes about 20 grams. Basically general panic and indecisiveness rules around here right now.. 

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