Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some quick thoughts and a stash update

So, tomorrow is the Annual Hand Knitters "buy all the wool" event in Coburg. I said I wasn't going this year... but then I changed my mind. Before I go to these sorts of things, I like to remind myself of how much beautiful yarn I already own,and make a specific list of things I "need" .

So the stash update is: I currently have 20,377 meters of yarn. Which isn't too bad, this time last year I had 26,352 metres, so heading in the right direction.

I do have a few specific things I want to buy. I always like documenting these, just to compare with what I actually buy on the day!

Either 200g in white or 400 grams in two heavily contrasting colours for colourwork cowl and hat (4 ply)

150 grams nice neutral for a Thalia scarf (although I have something in stash that might work for this)

 White gum wool for Epistrophe (maybe) maybe just look at it and mail order it when I am ready to knit it?

I'll let you know after the even what actually comes home with me!

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