Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week starts tomorrow, which is super exciting.  As usually happens, I try to pick a project that will withstand 9 days of low lighting, public transport and beer. This year I have decided to knit the Honeycomb Vest, from Knitty.

I've cast on for the second smallest size. I am somewhat concerned that it will be too big, although it should be fine. Did I swatch? No I did not. Why not? Well the swatch size was in pattern, which I consider ridiculous. How do I measure something "after blocking". Pin blocking? Light blocking? And should I do it in the rib or the body pattern? There is a gauge for both. What if I can match one but not the other? Seriously, be specific, pattern.
Anyway, in a day or two I will knit this on to longer needles and see what the fit is like. Although I just realised that last time I made this exact set of decisions, it ended up with an abandoned project. Stay tuned for the thrills and excitement of trying to make a garment that fits.

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