Monday, July 4, 2016

Back from the Gold Coast

I can't believe how many weekends away we've had this year! Our Gold Coast trip was great. It was so amazing to actually get some sunshine and a little bit of warmth.

On Saturday we hung out with family, voted, picked up our race packs and generally relaxed.

On Sunday we ran the half marathon. It was actually a boring course, down a road and back up again, but it had a great atmosphere, the weather was perfect and I was really happy with my time, so no complaints there. 

That's actually our "after" selfie
Then we went out on a boat and cruised around The Broadwater. I sat in the sun quite a lot. I love the sun.
Cowl in the foregound, the boat in the background

I'm not sure quite how, but I also finished the Pyukleen cowl. Was this a good project to take away with me? Well, there were some times when I would normally knit that I didn't, because it was chart that needed looking at, and I made myself a little bit car sick, or on the boat because I was admiring the view, but it still somehow got finished. I immediately cast on a hat, also by Ysolda, using the same yarns, since there was loads of left overs.

As a footnote, these are unblocked photos, which I don't normally post, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take photos in sunlight.

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