Sunday, July 17, 2016

Do you brioche?

Late last year all the Richmond Knitters, or so it seemed, were knitting brioche. When I needed something else to knit in Queensland, I chose another pattern from Ysolda's knitworthy collection, a brioche hat. I was worried it would be tricky to learn this new stitch on an aeroplane, but it turns out brioche is not very difficult. That said, I'm not sure I like working it, or love the finished object. There is a lot of slipping stitches, and I didn't find it a soothing knit, despite being simple. I like the way the finished hat matches the cowl, but I guess knitting this was more about learning something new, rather than the actual finished object.

Speaking of learning something new, three hats ago I took the time to learn the German twisted cast on,which I have used on all three hats I have knit recently. It gives a neat, stretchy edge and I quite like it. So yay for learning new things, and don't be surprised when you don't see much brioche in my future projects.

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