Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yarnalong - the one with Sunshine

The title of this post is a pun, because I took this photo in the sun, but I was also at Sunshine Station. 

I'm knitting a pair of green and pink mitts to match the rest of the crazy set. I'm using Kate Davies Pawkies pattern. They might be coming out a little bit large, but they will definitly be warm and comfy and matchy matchy with the rest of the crazy set.

I'm reading Rachael Herron's On the Market,  a charming, light romance. It's obvious from the first page what is going to happen and it's still adorable.

And I just started listening to Stephen Fry reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I've been meaning to revisit this for a while, having read the book countless times, listening to the radio series, seen the movie and tv mini series. What surprised me is that I started listening to this and could not stop. Very addictive, even though I know practically every word.

And that's another week in my knitting and reading. Pop over to Ginny's blog to see what she and the rest of the yarnalong are up to this week.

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