Friday, July 29, 2016

Holidays again!

This time we're going to New Zealand. it's not a specifically yarn based trip, although I am looking forward to going back to Holland Road Yarn Company and of course knitting with Kate.  And hopefully combining the two activities! That's all happening in Wellington, but before that we have running, and hiking and possibly llamas.

One of the big questions for me is always, what should I bring to knit? I decided on the Redford jumper, a four ply jumper for Leon. Knit flat. So I think it should take the full three weeks. Anyway, I'm not taking emergency yarn, the towns between Christchurch and Wellington seem to have yarn sections in their nicknack shops. 

I will have internet access, but i probably won't blog much while I'm away. Expect a full report of our adventures on my return.

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