Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Trudy Hertaas obsession continues

I finished my next pair of sneaker liners, again by Trudy Hertaas. I'm a bit obsessed with her patterns, she has about 20 perfect, effective, pretty short socks. These were the third I've knit from her.
I used most of the rest of the yarn I made my Vitamin D cardigan and the last pair of socks.  It felt really good to just keep knitting this yarn until it was (almost) all used up. I've got a mere 14 grams left. I'm also stoked to finally have a pair of yellow sports socks, since I have quite a few yellow t-shirts that i work out in and I have never had a pair of socks to match. And you know how I like everything to be all matchy matchy. Very satisfying. 

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