Sunday, November 20, 2016

Warriston the second

I finished Warriston on Friday, blocked it and here she is. I'm so happy with this. The yarn knitted up so softly, and light but still dense and so warm.
I only made three mods - I added an extra pattern repeat to the cowl, I put two stitches between the raglan decreases to reduce gappiness and I made the body loner. In fact, I made the body the exact same length as the Warriston this one is replacing.

Here's a comparison of their sizes:

The same length (win!) shorter sleeves (as planned) and about two a centimetre narrower one each side. And its funny, but that four centimeters around takes this from a sack, to a well fitting jumper, with positive ease. Or as Leon put it "this one you could even wear out of the house". 

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