Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Planning and preparing

I got a new job, again. In a little under two weeks I am moving to a different Department for three months. This is a big change - upgrading, a different Department and working from a different building. Hopefully this time I really won't have time to write blog posts at work. I'm going to be in a very small office, with one printer / photocopier on the floor. My reaction to this has been to panic, and print out all the patterns I might need for the next three (or probably six months).That pile there is the top nine things in my queue:

I've also laminated the important things, like the charts to the next shawl I'm knitting. And, because work is slowing down for me before I go, I've rewritten the instructions for the Mixalot socks to include the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. And then laminated them. What if my new workplace doesn't have a laminator? what if they don't have showers?  What if there is no where to leave my bike? One of these things I can control, the rest I'll have to cope with as they come up.

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