Sunday, September 21, 2014

Place-mat Sampler

This weekend I wove the sampler for my placemats.

In most ways I'm happy with how it came out, and I learnt a lot, which is the point of making a sampler. I love the colours, and I love the pattern - I think it's called a point twill. I was going to try out all the different patterns because the final set is going to be all these colours, but in different weaves - but then I fell in love with this and couldn't stop. I need to work on keeping the edges even and I machine sewed the ends, and, well, why does so much of my crafting lead to sewing, which really is one of my crafting weaknesses. Something the work on.

The only thing I still have to decide is if it is big enough. If I decide it's not, I can weave them the other way, which means that, instead of sewing the edges under I can leave a little fringe. Either way, it will be a few days before I've got time to be at the loom, so it will give me something to think about during boring work meetings.

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