Friday, September 5, 2014

This is how is starts

I started swatching for my mother's cardigan this week. I started with a sleeve , because I need to get used to doing stranded colourwork. I'm making a mix between Kaffe Fassett's Zig Zag cardigan and Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ski Sweater with Colour Patterns. There are a number of things about this project that are starting to worry me. First of all, it's an epic project. A full jumper of colourwork and, compared with all the other knitting techniques I'm inexperienced in this one. Secondly, the pattern has some eight stitch floats, and I was under the impression that colourwork should never have longer than five stitch floats. I thought I was leaving really long floats, but they are not long enough - it's funny but Elizabeth Zimmermann said this would happen! Still it feel good to rise to a challenge, particularly since, when I went to put this on Ravelry I discovered it's my three hundredth project.

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