Monday, September 1, 2014

The socks that won't go away

Remember when I finished my Hermione's everyday socks and eventually gave them to my father  I handed to him in a zip lock bag as I was leaving a long and rather wine drenched dinner. He asked what they were, I said "a pair of socks" he looked vaguely confused and that, you would expect, would be that. When I went over to my parents place this week, my father said that the socks were too short for him, and that they fit my mother, who was wearing them. This really confused me, mainly because she was wearing the Blackrose socks that I gave her last year. Eventually, after much confusion, we found the new socks in my mother's sock drawer. My mother doesn't want more socks, she usually wears sandals. So now I'm ripping back the toe and reknitting them so they fit him, but I can't say I'm doing it with good grace. Two lessons learnt: Don't hand over unexpected gifts in ziplock bags as you are leaving, and make sure that the socks are long enough if you do.

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