Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fingers and stripes and more cutting of knitting

As I promised myself, a quick and bright project. I decided not to bother making these gloves matchy, matchy, as I didn't want to waste too much of the yarn and Mini Mochi is not a yarn that like to make things match.

I knit the first glove. There were HUGE gaps between the fingers, which I had to darn shut. Perhaps learning to do fingers while drunk was not a good plan.

I knit the second glove:

For some reason the Mini Mochi did not change colours at all. The wool really annoyed me, it's a terribly underspun singles yarn. I've used it before for socks, and it holds up fine, but it is quite splitty to work with. And I didn't expect it to look this unmatched:

I have now cut the chewed bits off the bottom of my Train Tracks scarf, and will be finishing it up again over the next couple of days.

And for everyone who mocked Princess Daisy for looking a bit chubby in a previous post, here is a picture of her in all her beauty, and not next the feline equivalent of a supermodel:


  1. Yeah, Damian makes me stand a certain way when he's taking photos of me, to make me look less fat! A shot from above looking down at the subject, works a charm :)

    I love your gloves. I wouldn't get hung up on the matchy, matchy part, at least you've got the light and dark stripes happening.

  2. i like them, they're fun!

    aww Princess Daisy is precious!

  3. No offence, cos I'm saying this with love ;o) but I hate that you can knock cute gloves out in next to no time whilst under the influence. Off to sulk with my inferiority complex now x