Thursday, September 16, 2010

One piece of beautiful thread

Last Sunday, after I blogged, I found myself at a bit of a loose end, in that sort of pleasant, what shall I do next, sort of way. So I decided, on impulse, to wash some of my fleece.
For an uncoated sheep it was not very dirty, and smelt strongly, but only of lanolin. I gave it a cold wash, a wash with come hot water and scour, and a hot clear rinse. I'm so glad the worst of the drought is over, because this is not a water friendly operation - mind you, neither is my plan to grow cotton, but that's another story, involving borrowing a bit of garden from someone.
So I washed it, threw it in the washer to spin dry and pulled it out. It was so beautiful I had to quickly spin a lock on my spindle. I didn't flick this or prepare it in any way. It was still a little damp, and this is how it looked:

I am so looking forward to a spinning jumpers worth of this.

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  1. Very cool indeed. Your cotton idea sounds pretty ::cough:: crazy. But I am very intrigued.