Thursday, September 9, 2010

How can something so cute be so evil?

Leon and I have a cat (actually we have two, but this post is only about one of them). This is Tarragon:

He looks cute, right? He's a lovely cat. He follows us around the house, sleeps on the bed and is obsessed with yarn. Nearly as obsessed as I am.
When I brought home my train tracks scarf
I knew that Tarragon was crushing on it. I would find it in odd places, like draped over the cat scratcher in the bedroom, and on the kitchen floor. Because of this I hung it on the very top of the hat stand. The third day after I got back I went to put it on and discovered this:

Now, luckily its near the end and I still have 100 grams of the yarn left, so repairing it will not be a major drama. But still!
And here's a photo of both cats. See why I forgive them anything?



    I'm just not as forgiving as you.

  2. awww but he ate it because he loved it, so you know, obviously a job well done! (this is why my handknits that are delicious live in a box!)