Friday, September 3, 2010

Impulse dying

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I took the day off work to do fibre prep and wait for the Telstra man to come and fix the phone, so that we can have proper internet. Hand carding the alpaca didn't take as long as I expected:

and I got to start spinning it.
At about 5pm after a wonderful day of spinning and knitting and reading I started to think about what I am going to spin next. I want to spin for the Blackrose socks, but I didn't have anything suitable in my fibre stash. What I did have was this:

The everlasting wool. I bought this on a very rushed trip to Bendigo earlier this year. While the fibre is a robust merino the colour is ... lets say ill advised. I've spun it up and it looks even worse. So l threw it in the rice cooker with a mixture of water, purple and black food dye and vinegar. I would now described the colour as positively interesting, rather than simply scary.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this spins and knits up.

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  1. Wow, fugly wool is now all mystical and enchanted. I like a lot and I'm intrigued by your dying method, rice cooker, hmmm an electric one, tell me more! Can't wait to see it spun up! Clever you!