Saturday, September 11, 2010

A very crafty long weekend

I took a four day weekend, because I could. I seem to have done a remarkable amount of crafting, although that wasn't really the plan, it's just what I like to do with my life. Its also the last long weekend I'm likely to have for a while, I'm doing a Certificate Four in training and assessment on Thursdays, and I figure I should try to be in the office at some point.
Another sample conversation from work. The person who I hoped would have some idea about my job - what I am supposed to be doing, how long I will be in the role etc, came back from leave. I saw her in the tea room.
She: 'Who are you reporting to?"
Me: Well, no one really".

Anyway, on
Thursday I finished spinning the first half of the Alpaca and plied it. . Friday I finished the sleeve of Leon's jumper and am more than halfway up the body. Now that I am three quarters of the way through spinning for his hat scarf and gloves I am concerned that I won't have enough yarn, and that it will look too busy stripped up together. I am considering buying some dark brown batts and using that as the stripe, although that could cause issues with the fact that the alpaca and the wool skeins are very different colours from each other.

I also finished plying some singles that I spun ages ago, that will be bathmatt number four.

On Saturday some of the Richmond knitters went to the Rose Street Markets. It was so nice to go out with like minded people, and to not be the first - and only - person, to pull out knitting while waiting for meals to arrive. I bought a reversible skirt. It always feels good to buy things from the people who make them, and who make them so pretty. And she is a knitter.
Then I header off to crafternoon, where the ladies were sewing and drawing and pouring resin - outside. I knitted some more, spun a bit on my drop spindle and headed home.
Today I've cleaned up the front balcony so the plants are neat and there is space and order. I'm so looking forward to taking my wheel out there when it gets a little bit warmer.
And that's my weekend. I've just made pancake mixture and Leon is down the shops buying bananas and supplies for dinner. It's going to be a lazy Sunday afternoon - a little more spinning, some knitting, I might read a bit, watch something on DVD.

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  1. I really need to learn how to spin, I'm starting to get uncontrollably jealous about your lovely handspun!!