Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad Tie Monday

Every Monday, Leon and his boss commit a crime against fashion called "Bad Tie Mondays". (Facebook group here) They are not obliged by their organisation to wear ties to work, but on Mondays they choose to. And they choose to wear the worst, most colourful, ugliest ties you have ever seen. Some previous efforts can be seen at their Facebook Group, but this week I assisted them in a triumph of badness.

I was looking through Veronique Avery's Knitting Classic Style, when I found a pattern for a tie. Now, in my opinion, a knitted tie is, by definition, bad. Then I compounded the bad by knitting it in orange Noro, which I had cut out of a ball because it was... ugly.
So here it is, Leon's fugly bad tie.

I'm so happy.

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