Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am an experienced sock knitter. I just have to state that right now, before I tell you about my sock drama this week. I was knitting on my first stripy Noro knee high sock on Tuesday night at the pub. I got to the heel and knit the heel flap. As usual, I didn't count rows, I just continued until it was square. I then turned it, unevenly, because I had more stitches that the pattern called for. I ripped it back, got a friend to look up a 64 stitch heel pattern turn on their iPhone, and continued down the foot. I was a bit pleased because the stranding was now on the sole of the foot, where it was invisible, and I had had some trouble with jogs were I was changing colour. All hidden on the bottom of the foot.
The toe called for in the pattern is not my usual type of toe. I started it a little earlier than usual, to compensate for the huge heel flap. I stayed up until after midnight on Wednesday to finish it, because I was so close.
On Thursday morning I got up, and tried the sock on. I had managed to make a sock with a huge floppy heel, I was standing on the floats which hurt the bottom of my foot, and the foot was a little too short. Finished at midnight Wednesday, ripped back to the heel at 8am Thursday.

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  1. And who said knitting was simple?

    Your socks are gorgeous!