Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The sock love just keeps on coming

I finished the knee high Noro socks: Leon calls them my witchey socks and I think it's obvious why:

I love them, although if I were to knit them again I would do my normal wedge toe, rather than this one, which looks great with the stripes, but is not quite as comfortable.

My intention after this was to knit something other than socks, but it turns out it's my mothers birthday in two weeks. Now I know the date of my mothers birthday, but I had not put it together in my head that the 5th of November is two weeks away. My mother asked me to knit her another pair of socks, as she has worn completely through he soles of the William Street socks I knit her last winter. Clearly she appreciated the knit, obviously she loved them to death, so I judge her as deserving the knit. I had planned to make her Leyburn's for her next gift, I just hadn't worked out that her birthday was coming up before next winter.

To compound the panic, my parents are going on holidays on the 28th of October, so if these socks are to be gifted on her birthday they have to be finished by Wednesday week. I decided to knit a cuff down version of Leyburn, in this pretty wool by Stranded in OZ, that has been in my stash since Bendigo two years ago. It makes the prettiest little flower pattern. I wouldn't be worried about the timing but, despite what the Yarn Harlot said about them I'm not finding these a particularly quick knit. A very pretty one, yes, but not fast. And my hands are getting rather achy as well. If I don't get the pair finished by the time the Parents leave I'll send one to be given on her birthday, and give her the other one on their return.

I'm almost socked out. I'm going to finish this pair and then knit something else, on 5.5 mm needles. Although I will be using sock wool again. I feel like I am burning through the sock stash, I'm going to have used 5 balls of sock wool in a little over a month. I am resisting putting in an order with Blue Moon Fiber arts, but I'm not sure how long that will last. All those pretties.

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