Saturday, October 9, 2010

A brief and only partly successful diversion

After I finished the socks I thought I would pause from sOcktober and knit up the rest of my handspun corriedale into a bathmatt. This served a number of purposes. I could get this large, heavy, warm object completed before summer. I would make a little room in the stash and we would have another bathmatt to keep our toes warm on our silly marble bathroom floor.

So off I went, using an Elizabeth Zimmerman short row technique that creates a kind of mitred look. The problems presented in two ways: As this was from my first lot of wheel spun wool the balls knit up to very different gauges and I ran out of wool entirely. So the edges are rather wonky and it is smaller than planned. But the texture of it is nice.

On Saturday I bought some of this fabric, which I have been rather obsessed with since I saw a triangular project bag made by, I think, Julie.

And that's it, I'm off to cast on some major sock satifaction.

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