Sunday, April 24, 2011

70's style, part two

During my time off I have been crocheting a tea cosy for my mother in law. She requested one, and I'm always happy to oblige people who I know are going to use and appreciate the gifts I make for them. The first Christmas Leon and I were together I made her a tea cosy, and she has used it every single day, and it has become quite stained. I used light colours on that one, so on this one I used colours that really shouldn't show drips and spills.
She recently cleared out all her knitting stuff, having given it up quite some time ago.The pattern came from a knitting book she gave me, which looks like it was from the early 60s. It was quite fun to crotchet a project for a change, especially at the end, when there is no casting off. You do the last stitch and that's it.

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