Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad tie Monday II

You may recall that last year I knitted Leon a tie, for Bad Tie Mondays. It was made out of predominantly orange Noro, and was rather hideous. I thought that was it. I had won bad tie Mondays and didn't have to think about it again. But no, a couple of Monday's ago Leon's boss Rob showed up in this:

A monogrammed hand knit tie. At the same time I mentioned in passing to Leon that I had seen a pattern for a really huge, rather ugly knitted bow tie. Well, that was it, Leon had to have one. I made it out of left over sock wool, and I think it really encapsulates the spirit of Bad Tie Mondays.


  1. that R tie is pretty bloody impressive
    but i enjoy the tweedledee factor of Leon's gigantamo bowtie! good work!