Sunday, April 17, 2011

More tragedy than comedy

On Saturday I cast off the body of my Lettuce jumper. I was in an odd mood on the weekend. On Friday I got drunk and made a terrible fool of myself, but I'm not sure if that was the cause of the weird mood or a symptom. Anyway, I spent Saturday night at home alone with the cats. Tarragon has been obsessed with the Malabrigo wool I used for the jumper since it came into the house. And it is not at all unusual for him to gently mouth our jumpers when we are sitting on the couch. It's kind of sweet, like a baby chewing a blankie. We do tell him to stop right away, and he does, and that's the end of it. Except most of the jumpers aren't Malabrigo lace, which doesn't hold up to a gentle chewing from a fanged cat.
So I'm hibernating the project. When I'm ready I'll pull it out, rip back half the bottom ribbing, where the damage is and knit on. Until then, I'm going for some easy, quick knits, starting with a fair isle tam.
I have this next week off and I intend to enjoy it. The weather is lovely, I have plans to see different people every day and this dark mood is gradually lifting.


  1. well I loved seeing you on Saturday! you should have stayed for the terrible 90s music sing/dance off, if that couldn't knock the weird mood out of you, nothing would have xo

  2. OH NOES! It was so pretty too!! good thing you have yarn left over.
    Oh Tarragon... why so naughty!