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Fly by blogging

I have been writing blog posts in my head for then past week, but haven't had a chance to sit down and commit them to the wonder that is the World Wide Web. I nearly sat down and wrote this when I got in last night, but I thought 2 am and drunk might make for an "interesting" post. The comedy festival is in full swing, and Leon and I are making the most of it. While I won't give you a blow by blow account of each show we have seen, there have been 2 fibre highlights: we saw Cal Wilson, who at the beginning of her show asked if anyone knits. I said I did, and that I had my knitting with me.Cal invited me to knit through her show! While she wasn't the funniest act I've seen, I certainly got a lot of knitting done. And Sam Simmons had a huge picture of a goat as his back drop. Ahh fibre.
Because I have been catching the bus to work and hanging about it bars I have made some progress on the Lettuce jumper:
The colour is actually divine and when I take proper shots I'll make sure it shows up. On Tuesday night I was sitting by the Yarra and the setting sun tinting the blue sky with pink: the exact shade of this yarn.

And lastly, here is a sign I thought was funny, from the toilets outside the festival hub, which is Melbourne Town Hall. You may or may not, enjoy my toilet humour:


  1. Do you get the impression its a 24 hour toilet?


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