Saturday, April 23, 2011

70's style

Today I went to my parents place to help my mother make hanging baskets for the front of her house. In other words: macramé! Using her Golden Hands Encyclopaedia ( an amazing set of magazine form the 70's which, curiously enough does not have it's own Wikepedia entry) I made this:
What it lacks in symmetry it makes up for in style. I'm already planning my next one, which will be more organised in terms of shape, and have beads at every knot. But I'm quite happy with the way this one looks.

My mother, meanwhile is knotting away on a very complicated plant holder, and wonders why I keep throwing around words like "retro" "vintage" and "hilarious".


  1. Love it! Spider on weed: hilarious!

  2. OMG I used to make these when I was little! they were the best!