Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its fine

Today I went to the post office to get my drum carder. I was a bit worried about getting it home, but I threw it on the back of the bike, and it was fine.

The whole time I was strapping it on this woman with a four wheel drive was staring at me, fascinated. She didn't offer me a lift though. What a bitch.

Then I came home to my Jo Sharp jumper, which is fine. It's really boxy on, but also comfortable and warm.

And now I'm at the beginning of a four day weekend, and tomorrow is Bendigo, so everything really is fine.


  1. Can't believe you got that home in one piece! PS Nice buttons :P

  2. did you end up changing the sleeves?
    also, so when are we coming to play with the carder :)

  3. Jen, it's not obvious from the photo, but yes, I did. I'll get some action photos, it looks more normal...