Thursday, July 28, 2011

No photos until I'm done

Everything is a bit half way though at the moment. I'm working steadily away on Icarus. This is not a quick knit. I'm still in the easy section, and when that's done this is going to be a project I can't take out of the house.

Spindling for my mother's shawl wool is going nicely. I finished the singles and started plying yesterday. Remember I made a plying ball with a cat toy as the centre? The cat toy has a bell in the middle. Luckily it's quite muffled by all singles wrapped around it.

I'm loving the spindling. Today I have my little Turkish spindle out with me, and although it spins a little too slow for the socks I'm spinning on it, it is a lot of fun, and looks amazing, particularly in the very bright rainbow stripes I'm spining. I've actually been spindling at my desk today. Ah the joy of having a headset and a quiet day in the office. I'm still searching for the perfect sock spindle. Perhaps a Bosworth Mini?

The craft and quilt show is happening across the river from where I work. I dropped by yesterday and bought some Angelina. My next drum carding experiment is going to be blending some Stranded in Oz blue merino, blue alpaca and blue Angelina and then spinning half of it in laceweight for a shawl and half in double knit for a hat. Speaking of Mel, she was at the show. I hung out at her tiny booth for a while, just chatting. I had my drop spindle with me, but I didn't spin, I think it would have freaked the quilters out!

Now I'm not buying any more yarn or fibre. My stash box is full and I'm making yarn faster than I'm using it. (I didn't mention it above, because this post was starting to look like a list, but I'm also a bobbin into spinning for Idlewood on the wheel. Long draw, from rolags made from batts I carded. SO MUCH FUN). I suspect I can go until next years Bendigo without buying any more fibre or yarn, without feeling limited. We shall see.

I'm certainly not going to stop buying tools and trinkets though!

(The actual reason there are no photos and that this is so rambling is because I am posting this from my place of employment. I'd like to say work, but clearly there is not a whole lot of that going on for me right now.)

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