Monday, July 11, 2011

A rant, by Sharondoubleknit

This post has no photos. That’s because I want to have something worth photographing before I take photos. Here follows a story of frustration, delusion, and ultimately, hopefully, redemption .

For the last three weeks I have been knitting a Jo Sharp cardigan, in Jo Sharp Felted Tweed. I have a lot to say about the pattern. As those who have seen me IRL know, it can be summarised in four words “I hate Jo Sharp”. Which I have said. Repeatedly.
Some of my complaints come down to a bad pattern choice on my part: if I didn’t want a jumper knit in pieces, I could have chosen a different pattern. But some come down to poor pattern writing: who makes a chart without a key? Oh yes, Jo Sharp does.

I knit the sleeves first, and then the body, although I had to take about 10 centimetres off the length from the underarms to the shoulders. Then I steam blocked, as directed. At this point my yarn started to smell…odd. Not terrible, just not very nice, a little bit chemical. Then I sewed up.

Of course, I had knit the sleeve caps as directed, but the arm holes were significantly shorter. So I decided to just make it work, by making a little pleat at the top of the shoulder. WHO HIDES EXCESS FABRIC AT THE TOP OF THE SHOULDER??? That would be me.

I then knit the bands – and sewed them on. Who writes a pattern that involves sewing on the front bands? Jo Sharp does. All the while, I’m trying to convince myself that it’s fine, it’s a design feature, that the pleat is really cute. When I got home from knit night last night I tried it on. Yes, the cardigan is quite boxy, in a reasonably attractive grandpa manner, but it has STUPID LOOKING PLEATS AT THE SHOULDERS. Why was I trying to leave it, to convince myself that it was a little bit shit but I didn’t care? I’m all for fudging things, but perhaps a better place to hide excess fabric is under the arms? Or do a bit of rip and reknit, or maybe even some cutting.

Either way, I’m fixing this. Near enough is not good enough, especially in this case, when I appear to be using the expression "near enough" to mean "close to ridiculous".

I hope to have photos of a completed and wearable cardigan later this week.


  1. Oh dear.
    that's all i have to say.

  2. If your not happy, your not happy. I hate JS too as you well know because her pattern writing is idiotic and she appears to be allergic to shaping and knitting in the round. I'm sure you will make it work though, in the end.

  3. "I appear to be using the expression "near enough" to mean "close to ridiculous"."

    This made me laugh - but I'm sorry about the rest of the cardigan.

  4. It's not you - it's the pattern. I hate Jo Sharp too

  5. I'm so sorry Sharon… but i do love it when you rant!

  6. I hate her, but her company does make my favourite hat yarn so I have to keep a small place in my heart for her.
    I'm sad that your cardy isn't working. but you can fix it, you can do anything!