Friday, July 22, 2011


I wore my Jo Sharp cardigan to work yesterday, and then rode home, went for a run (as an aside, I haven't run for more than six months. I only did 5kms, but I loved it. There's going to more of that, a lot more) and then got dressed to go to my parents for dinner. When I put the cardigan back on, I thought that it has become even wider than before. Too nice to give to the op shop, but doesn't fit me right. So I gave it to my mother:

Speaking of my mother, I have been working on the second half of the singles for her shawl. My current team has lunch together most days, and I've been spindling at lunchtime. I got some questions the first we work with walked in and was chatting in a friendly manner to my manager about work stuff. She turned around to me and asked "what are you doing?" and my boss replied, "she's spinning"like a) it was a normal thing to be doing and b) she hadn't asked the exact same question 2 weeks ago. Shame they have cancelled my project though.

Here's the plying ball, as I'm going to ply on the spindle too. It looks quite big, but that might be because I wrapped it around a convenient crocheted cat toy.

I have removed the pressure to get this knit up into a lace shawl for my mother's birthday. I'm sick of putting so much pressure and deadlines on myself. instead I am going to dye some wool and make her a pair of slippers: I bought the soles when I was in America two years ago.
Part of the reason for putting off this shawl is that I am currently knitting Icarus for my sister in law.

It's not hard, just slow going, but I don't think I want to do two lace shawls in three months.

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