Monday, February 20, 2012

Cookie A sock club 2012, January Package, with spoilers.‏

Last Wednesday I picked up my first Cookie A package from the post office. I has not looked at any of the pattern of yarn spoilers, so I had no idea what to expect. When I opened the package I was not disappointed: A Cookie A project bag Alisha Goes Round yarn in Merino and Silk in red

! I was especially excited because I really wanted to knit some red socks. Then I went and looked at the patterns and biscuit recipes. I'm not committed to making all the biscuits, but I'll tell you about it if I do. I have decided I'm going to knit all twelve sock patterns even if - or perhaps especially if - they are not the patterns that I would first choose for myself. So I went and downloaded the February patterns. One of them- Wayward is a Cookie A signature piece, with travelling cables, anatomically correct toes and definite left and right socks. The other Mokoto, was a slightly odd looking sort of lacy sock with double yarn overs. I told Leon I'd knit his a load more socks this year. While I have a theory that pretty much any sock can be a "boy sock" if it's done in a dark yarn, a lace sock with double yarn overs … not so much.
So I started the Mokoto socks for myself and I love them. The yarn is delicious, soft and wonderful with a hint of sheen from the silk. The pattern was simple and logical and a joy to knit. I made mine in the medium size and, while I think the small would have fit, I love the way it looks, not too stretched out, just perfect. Also, these socks are incredibly comfortable. I'm very much looking forward to an entire year of Cookie A joy.


  1. you are a freak when it comes to knitting socks.
    that is all.

    actually it's not all - looks like a big skein! enough to make yourself the other pair too?
    also, YAY! pretty!

  2. We should organise a trade, I'll bake you 12 batches of cookies for 1 pair of socks? ;)

  3. Excitement plus! Thanks for sharing