Friday, February 3, 2012

Everything's gone dark around here

We're in my favourite park of summer; the days are long and the sun is hot. The sky is an endless blue and it makes my heart sing with joy. The beach, which I ran down to this morning, is white and the water is stunning, with the sun shinning back of the tiny wavelets of the bay. Which really does not explain why all my knitting has gone grey.
I finished Leon's scarf:
This is a detail blocking shot of the end. Once it's dry and the weather is cooler I'll get an action shot of the whole thing. I decided not to go straight on to the matching mitts. I wanted a break for this design and I had an absolute craving to knit a garment. I cast on Pliver, from Shetland Trader, in grey. To sum up, I cast on a winter garment in grey yarn in the middle of summer.
Even my spinning is full of dark colours, (it's darker than this picture, one day I'm going to buy a fancy camera and take pictures that are the right colour) although at least this time it's dark greens as well as greys.
This is the fibre I'm determined to get 400 meters from. I'm just up the the second half, so in a week or two I'll know if I made it.


  1. I am in love with your singles, sooo pretty, did you dye the fibre?

  2. I have the urge to cast on a grey sweater too. What's in the water?