Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The first time this year

I've made my first yarn purchase for the year! While I'm not on a yarn diet, I like to shop with caution. I've got (self) limited storage space for yarn and, while I use it up at quite a rate, that space stays full. This might, or course, be because I am making it as well as sometimes buying it, or it might be one of the enduring mysteries of my stash box.

I bought this yarn, from Jay - Knitwit Originals on Etsy. I'ts my favourite kind of sock yarn - sproingy 2 ply, with a tight twist. This yarn has the added joy of sparkles! The dye job is lovely, it has just a little bit of variation in it, and a whole lot of beauty.
I bought it for a Romi Hill Shawl - I know you're shocked, Celaeno. It calls for random beading in the body and I cannot deal with the thought of random beading, so I'm going to rely on the sparkle in this yarn, and then bead the lace part. I did so love the last beading I did.

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