Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shhh, it's a secret

We've had a long weekend, and I've been working on a secret project. I'm pretty sure that the person I'm knitting for doesn't read my blog, but just in case, I'll not tell you what it is. If you're one of my Ravelry friends, you can pop over there and take a look. What I will say is that the yarn was red and it was Madeline Toshsport weight.

 I got so many comments on how beautiful it is, and I loved working with it so much that I am about to put in an order of Madeline Tosh. A jumpers worth of 5 ply and some worsted for a good friend of mine who asked me for a cowl.

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  1. ZigoZago, who import MadTosh, is having a sale at their new Castlemaine premises on 16 Feb