Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working it

I knew that after I finished my cardigan (which I seamed yesterday and am doing the button band on today) I would need another project. Something simple, since I'm meeting friends at a bar after work tomorrow, and Saturday is Ballarat Beer festival!    But what I wanted to knit next were socks for my father's birthday. Fair Isle socks. So, I started knitting them at lunch times this week. I will get through the 21 rows of Fair Isle before I go out tomorrow, and then it's rib, rib, rib, all the way down.
I'm loving the colours - both of my contrast colours are left over from last years Cookie A Sock Club, and I've paired them with some Pediboo. I love the way this yarn looks and feels, but it's only 233 meters, so making these socks, with the three colours and a contrast toe, should make the short skein stretch further.

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