Saturday, February 2, 2013

Does this colour combimation look familiar?

On of the things I love about baby jumpers is that I can almost always make them from stash. I saw the Pueperium Cardigan pattern and thought it was really pretty, and then I made it out of leftovers from my cardigan, and my hat. There is still more yarn, so you may be seeing this combination yet again.

This is a very sweet cardigan, modelled here by Mr Bear. He's not normally a grumpy bear, but I had just told him he couldn't keep the cardigan and so he was sulking.

This is how it looks flat. I chose to make short sleeves because one of the other pregnant women at work told me she thought that was fine and she always layers her baby up, and also I couldn't be bothered getting up to get my 4mm short needles for doing the sleeves. All in all a quick, sweet knit. Now onward with Leon's sock project.

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